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Our new plant is a first rate one in Argentina. The modernity of our premises, their processing capacity, together with our logistic and distribution allow us to ensure excellent results in each lot.

Our SORTEX Z series 2005 model machines, optimize the quality and homogeneity of our products.

  • Machinery

    SORTEX Z series 2005 model.

  • Plan

    Double selection area.

  • Racks

    Selected peanut storage.

  • Outdoors

    Departure of trucks.

  • Silos

    Pellets dispatch.

  • Load

    Cleansing and selection plant.

  • Sieve

    Cleansing section.

  • Detector

    Final control of foreign bodies.

  • Bagging

    Previous step to storage.

  • Human Resources
  • Contact Sales Manager After-sales Service
  • Claims and Suggestions

Human Resources Department:
(54-353) 4960348 - rrhh@servagrop.com.ar

Sales Manager After-sales Service:
(54-353) 4960348 - servagrop@servagrop.com.ar

Claims and Suggestions:
(54-353) 4960348 - rse@servagrop.com.ar