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1.      Use of company’s funds and assets: Servicio Agropecuario’s assets must be used to benefit the company and only for its valid commercial use.

2.      Conflict of interest: Every employee has a duty to avoid interests (commercial, financial and/or other) and direct or indirect relationships that pose a conflict of interest with the company or that divide their loyalty towards Servicios Agropecuarios.

3.      Bribery and Corruption: Servicios Agropecuarios is against any type of bribery and corruption. Please read our anti-corruption policies for more information.

4.      Corporate gifts, courtesies and hospitalities (giving and receiving): The corporate gifts, courtesies and hospitalities policy handles this kind of issues.

5.      Donations for charitable purposes and political parties: Servicios Agropecuarios does not make contributions to political parties, candidates or actively-political organizations anywhere in the world. The only exception could be presented in countries where there’s legal obligation to do so or there’s a practice contemplated by law and it’s broadly accepted. And even in such circumstances, the board of directors of Servicios Agropecuarios must accept these payments in advance through a request by the company’s Secretariat.

6.      Corporate Management
      6.1. Compliance with the law: Servicios agropecuarios will abide by every national and international law and shall act in conformity with local guidelines and regulations.

      6.2. Records and accounting standards: All of the accounting documentation must clearly reflect the true nature of transactions, assets and commercial obligations, according to legal and accounting requirements and regulations. The must be no false, manipulated, incomplete or void record.

      6.3. External reports: Servicios Agropecuarios may be required to make statements or provide records to regulatory entities, government agencies or departments.

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